Friday, June 27, 2008

They're coming to take me away!

I’m a stay at home mom, a job description that often meets the upturned nose or the “aren’t you precious” smirk. In my life I have worn the shoes of stay home mom, work at home mom, full and part time working mom, married mom and single mom. Each path has its own challenges and rewards. As a stay home mom, you are always at work. There are no sick days, vacation days, or even lunch breaks. Imagine, if you will, living with every person at your office. When the day has been long, you aren’t able to look at the clock and say, "Only one more hour until I can go home”, because YOU’RE ALREADY THERE! The work has infiltrated the sanctity of your home. Therefore it becomes quite the challenge to maintain a certain amount of lucidity while singing Itsy Bitsy Spider for the 1,763rd time and some of the things I do to keep my sanity may in fact, to outsiders, seem like reason enough to have me committed to the nearest mental asylum. Which is why I am merely An Apron Away From a Straitjacket.


Chantal said...

ah! I would have never guessed...really cool, i understand that creeping sort of insanity that u dont even realise has snuck up on u, so i can relate (without the children - none yet and not for now)

Diane said...

Ok! I just found your site and I just love your sense of humor. I myself have been a SAHM for ...well a lot of years. I remember in the 80's when I would say I was a SAHM getting the silent blinking face, and, the "What do you do for work?" question...aiigh!!! But,it's been a blast. How lucky we are that we can do this...?
Love your site thought I'd follow so I can enjoy your humor!

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