Monday, October 20, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Yoo hoo, over here, hidden behind the boxes! Hi there! Well, the house passed inspection and BOOM, we've moved. I've traded in the sound of the traffic zooming by our townhouse for the loverly sound of birds (and the occasional car zooming by). I am unbelievably in love with our new house. First, it's a house, complete with a YARD! Owooooooo. Second, I've gone from 2 windows total downstairs to 32 windows. That's right, there are 32 sunlight loving windows in this beautiful place, which means that I don't have to turn on a single light all day!

Now, as we all know, love can sometimes blind you to obvious flaws. Such as, there is only one telephone jack and it's in the kids' room; or the fact that the upper cabinets are too narrow to hold a cake plate; or the biggie, that there isn't one single drawer in the kitchen. Yes, you heard me right, not one drawer. Guess I'll be on the look out for an old milk carrier so I can put my silverware in it. The hubby suggested going to the restaurant outlet just down the way and getting one of those buffet type silverware sorters. Needless to say it should be fun thinking of ways to solve the "where's this go?" problem.


JJ said...

No drawers? Where do you put your junk? I'm confused.

Yay for all the windows. I love natural sunlight.

Anonymous said... drawers...not only no place to put the junk but where does the phone book go?
But anytime I can go to the resturant supply store...hey, I'll give up my drawers if you want 'em!!!!
2 windows to 32????
I LOVE natual light pouring in the house! I love seeing the beauty of God's creation...
but I HATE cleaning windows ('cause I can never get them clean!)...
let me know if you find the solution to non-streaking windows!