Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Chicks and Toast

We woke up this morning and peeked out the window to see lots of snow. For those of you who've never had the joy of an Oklahoma snow, never, and I mean NEVER get into a snowball fight here. You see, Oklahoma snow isn't what the rest of the world knows as light fluffy snow, it's sleet cleverly disguised as snow. One pelt upside the head from an Oklahoma snowball could very likely send little cartoon birdies spinning around your head and leave you with a whelp the size of Utah.

Speaking of birdies, with the ground being all frosted over I tossed a loverly batch of rolls out for the birds and squirrels, just to make sure they had a little snack. One little squirrel sprinted over, snatched up a roll and raced back up the tree before the birds could hog it all. I just loved how he was using his fluffy tail as an umbrella.

After watching all the birds nibble on their bread, Miss Danielle said that she wanted to be a birdie and have snow and toast for breakfast and there was no way I could resist such a cutie patootie request. Being as our loverly old house leaks some serious cold air from under the cabinets, I wanted out of the kitchen as soon as possible so let me share with you my cheating version of cinnamon toast sticks.

First, cut the bread into strips with a pair of kitchen scissors. Please note that the quality of the pictures decreases as we go along due to my frozen toes wanting to get out quick!

Then scoot all the pieces together and give them a coat of butter flavored non stick spray and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Hey, everyone else got to stay home from work for a snow day, I think I'm allowed to slack a bit in the nutrition arena. Don't be hatin'.

Toss them into a 400F preheated oven and then turn off the heat while you cook the eggs (about 10 mins).

Pair them up with bacon pieces to make a nest for the egg yolk birdies to stay warm from the egg white snowflakes.

To make the birdies and snowflakes, I separated the egg yolks and whites and cooked them up omelet style. Once they were done I simply cut them with cookie cutters.


Under the Influence said...

Those are adorable chicks!

Suburbia Steph said...

That is just the cutest EVER! Not that I will ever attempt it, but it is absolutely darling, nontheless.

The snow we get here in Dallas is actually more like a bunch of tiny ice particles rather than the good white fluffy stuff.

gigi said...

Aren't you just the smartest! I love cinnamon toast to much. What a great idea to toast it in the oven. Nice and crunchie.

Sorry about the snow. Hope it's all melted before we get to Memphis this weekend. I'm not use to it at all, yuck! Going for a funeral, another yuck!

turtleman621 said...

Great post! I first found your site from your pogo profile a few weeks ago, and my kids and I really enjoy it. Especially my foodie 12 year-old daughter. I also have a blog and have picked up some good ideas from you. If you are interested in seeing it, write to me at pogo using the same screen name I used here (I don't remember your screen name :(

Thanks for all of the fun and informative posts!

Flibbertigibbet said...

I want snow! I haven't sledged in SO long!
All we have here is cold and more cold. Oh and rain. Hurrah.
I absolutely love these chicks! That's so fabulous!
Eating is wayyy fun in your house!

Stacy from Louisville said...

From the tile of you blog alone I'm convinced we'd be best friends if ever we meet. Hysterical!

Aren't you the clever one with the birdies and snowflakes. All I got is margarita crazy.

So glad to cyber meet you! Thanks for reading SFL and I'm going to check you out, too. You made me smile today! And feel free to tattoo anything I say on your arms, back, or ankle. (I don't endorse any other areas. It makes me nervous.)

Lisa Michelle said...

SO cute, and awesome breakfast (or anytime) fare! You're not only a riot, but you're super creative too! :)

gigi said...

Hey, where are you? Are you still frozen?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the cut outs! My grandma used to make the best cinnamon bread - I've never been able to reproduce it!