Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bitter Chocolates

Well here it is, what used to be one of my favorite days, Valentine's Day. I remember being a wee lass filled with bubbly giggles just thinking about Valentine's Day. I didn't even mind having to write the annual English report on the history of Valentine's Day, as a matter of fact I loved it. The beautiful story behind all these nifty heart shaped goodies that lovers exchange just made my heart smile. Then I married my husband, who although a great guy, is about as romantic as a colonoscopy. He even told me before we got married that he doesn't do holidays and felt that Valentine's Day was nothing more than a commercial rip off. So here in honor of my husband are your Anti Valentine's Day candy, card, and flowers. Enjoy!

FYI: I still wouldn't trade him for a box of chocolates, unless of course they're Godiva Chocolates or maybe even a really, really, large box of Ferrero Rocher. Oh and if you've been lucky enough to marry an anti-romance man like I have, just take his credit card and buy yourself something pretty, then have a girl's night out with your BFF.


gigi said...

SO, so glad to hear from you and to know yall are alright.Thank God!

This is a very funny post. I also married a non romantic person. But there isn't anything he wouldn't do for me. He gives me everything, just not flowers and candy and cards. I have gotten flowers 3 times. With the birth of both boys and when I turned 40!! That other stuff just isn't him and I love him anyway.

toontz said...

My DH always gets me a mushy card and chocolates (not mushy chocolates)lol, but sometimes I forget to get him something, and I feel guilty about that. So it kind of sucks either way.

Flibbertigibbet said...

I love those pics!
I hate roses, well I hate red roses.
I was rather smitten with a gent once and asked him what flowers he'd bring me, he said he wouldn't, that he'd bring me a huge bunch of carrots with their tops on. Honestly, I loved that. To anyone else, ridiculous, to me uberbubo romantic.
Oh, and he actually sent me a shamrock.
Which was equally cool!

dolly said...

I love these pics....
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