Thursday, August 28, 2008

From“Chicken in Every Pot” to “Blog on Every Monitor”

Last night as I lay wrapped in my little blanket cocoon, I pondered why exactly blogging is so popular. It’s quite liberating to give your thoughts a way to exit your over crowded mind. Maybe a bit like a storage closet for those burdensome worries and thoughts that pollute your everyday life. Also, it's a lovely politically correct way to brag about your life and those that you are proud of without the backlash of actually saying to someone, "Ha ha, my kid (spouse, sister, dog, microwave oven, etc) is better than yours!". The fact that others can read it feeds the human need to be heard and to feel that someone, somewhere thinks that what you have to say is important. Of course, we can't forget that blogs also make it possible for every person on the planet to be a "Published Writer". Now we all have something to brag about at those pesky high school reunions. Sweet huh?

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