Friday, August 22, 2008

McApple Insanity

It's true I have lost my mind and delved into the trenches of.... well, you'll see.

Yesterday was one of those "Papa Roach" days so my hubby gave me the day off and hooked up some Mickey D's. Being good "health conscious" parents, we made sure the kids had apples instead of fries with their 35 fat gram burger of nutritious emptiness. After eating, there was one pack of apple dippers and caramel left over so it went into the fridge to await it's next life.

This morning I awoke to the realization that there just was not enough coffee in the world to get me running on all four cylinders. I opened the fridge to start making breakfast and eyed a can of Pillsbury Pizza crust and those blessed apple dippers. This is where the gates to Dough Boy heaven open and little angel food cakes begin singing. Eureka! Instant caramel apple cinnamon roll type breakfast thingy!

I unrolled the pizza dough, spread the caramel sauce over it, tossed on chopped McApples and topped it with cinnamon.
Rolled it up and made a ring and put some slits on top just to be fancy schmancy. The crazy thing is, it was actually good.
Don't worry, to make up for the complete lack of nutrition, I made up some strawberry and V-8 smoothies. Hmmm, now what can I do with all these taco sauce packets from Taco Bell?

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