Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tain't Nothing Yummier than..

a take charge kind of guy. I'm not exactly sure why, but great googaly moogaly, it makes me swoon to have a man who stands up for his family and says "Now look here Pilgrim, your foolishness is messin' with this here homestead and I'm giving you 'till dawn to mount up your pony and ride out of town." Okay, maybe not those words exactly, but I'm sure it was some John Wayne-esque phrase. Truth is, he could've just said, "Blabbity boo, yippy skippy wipiquad". I was busy being enthralled by the vision of my strong manly man, golden hair glistening in the sun, swaggering up to his foe as he says to me, "Stand back ma'am, I'll take care of this rascal." Ahhhhhh, smelling salts anyone?

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