Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Duck and Cover

Well, I figure the message from the sermon Sunday must've been a really important one because boy howdy has it been battle after battle the last couple of days. You know when you have that overhang of yuck everywhere? We had a double dose of it. Boo and I have been about ready to pluck each other's eyes out. I find it amazing how one can be so unbelievably mean to one's spouse (and this is a TWO way street). If you've had a bad day, you just vomit angry words at each other, or try to disintegrate each other with the "lava stare of doom". I sometimes wonder if this is just a test of security. Maybe subconsciously you're trying to see if they're going to bugger off if things get ugly, just so you won't be caught off guard at a time when you really need them to be there.

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