Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Joy Joy!

I now feel like the coolest chick EVER!!!! Anyone who's been around me knows that I love to bake and one of my favorite things is COOKIES. I make delicious UGLY cookies. You know the kind where you have 1/2 doz jumbos, 1/2 dozen minis and all of them have an extra "leg" coming off one side or another making them look more like The Blob than nummishious treats? I have tried and tried over the years to make uniform pretty cookies, but even when I try rolling them into little balls I end up with a plethora of odd sizes. Maybe it's a depth perception thing (guess I'll never get to fly with the Blue Angels). Anyhoo, I finally broke down and splurged on a cookie dipper. Owooooo. It is the coolest thing since sliced bread and I just made the most beautiful batch of uniform cookies. I will confess that I didn't make them from scratch though. The store had Valentine cake mixes on sale for $.30 each and with my coupon they were $.05 each and they don't expire until June 2010 (had to brag about that one). Soooo, I changed the liquids a bit and made the cake mix into cookie mix. Aren't they loverly? Go ahead, you may lick the screen, I won't tell.

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Vanessa Jane said...

Funny what a stupid metal scoop can do for one's self-esteem, lol. I remember when I got my first one, everything I made for a week was in ball form.