Monday, November 3, 2008

Get Your Vote On

Here it is, the common folk reasons to vote for McCain.

  1. He set his OWN arm.
  2. Protecting freedom isn’t just a catch phrase to him. He’s actually lived the price of protecting it.
  3. We deserve a beautiful first lady.
  4. He’s so darn cuddly cute when he smiles.
  5. He’s not afraid to kick some arse.
  6. The Governator and Giuliani support him, and Bocephus even wrote a song for him.
  7. John McCain is easy to spell and pronounce.
  8. He loves his mamma and treats her well.
  9. He knows that America is the “Land of Opportunity” where hard work should be rewarded not over taxed in a socialistic abyss where you “spread the wealth around”.
  10. Did I mention that he set his own arm and can kick your arse???

So there you have it, the no nonsense reasons to vote for McCain. If you’d like to take a serious look at the real issues go to Just make sure you get out and vote TUESDAY NOVEMBER 4TH, which is TOMORROW.

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