Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vampire Sparkles and Dream Killers

Unless you live in a cave (like me), you've heard of the Twilight Vampire series. I've not had the joy of being enveloped by the chronicles of Bella, however, my BFF Ginger and my bonus daughter, Miss Molly, have both been swept away by visions of neck bitters.

Yesterday while out running errands, I happen to catch a glib on the radio about Twilight movie premiere tickets and the Cricket phone store. Being as Miss Molly is in LOVE with the series I knew I must find a way to get those tickets (Queue the mission impossible music). As I’m approaching the store, I am suddenly overcome with the stench that can only mean it’s a good thing I put a diaper on Danielle. Now I really had to think this one over, do I head home and change Danielle and risk missing out on the tickets for Molly or do I just hold my breath and pray everyone around me has sinus issues and can’t smell anything. Go ahead and give me your best "Bad Mom Scoff" and then get over it and realize that we’re talking about a teenage girl’s current life passion. I slapped the mom-mobile into park and into the store we ran. Once there I find out that it’s a must be present drawing and I had 30 mins before they drew the winner. SWEEEET! I put in my entry and zoomed home to drop off my little stinker and all the bags of groceries that I had forgotten about after getting wrapped up in my quest to make a teenager smile.

Using my best pizza delivery boy on crack driving skills, I made it back to the store with time to spare. Unfortunately, that time to spare seemed to stand still while we waited for the drawing. I was surrounded by vampire obsessed people immersed in validating why one should be Team Edward or Team Jacob. Driven by the fear of being eaten alive by "Fanpires" if any of them smelled the scent of a non-reading outsider, I mustered up all the knowledge I've gathered from listening to Miss G and Miss Molly talk about the series and muddled my way through the conversation. As we chatted, I started surmising the competition and wondered what I was doing there when back home there was dinner that wouldn't prepare itself. Then, I was taken back to memories of waiting in line for 45 mins so the boys could have their picture taken with Jason the Red Power Ranger, or having every member of my family on a nationwide quest for Optimus Prime and the game Lucky Ducks , or camping out at the toy store at 4am on Black Friday to get Razor scooters for the boys and an Easy Bake Oven for Miss Molly. All those times of tired legs, impatient people, empty store shelves, and elbows to the head exchanged for the look of joy on my munchkins’ faces. Oh how I love that look on their faces and THAT was why I was there.

Feeling re-energized, I figured peanut butter and jelly sandwiches would be fine for dinner and I was pretty sure I could take down every person there and make like a bandit with those tickets. Fortunately for my unsuspecting prey, time was up and I was one of the lucky ones who got tickets. Unfortunately, thanks to the evils of overbooking, when we got to the theatre all the seats were taken and I went from Step-Mom of the Year to the Evil Dream Crushing Step-Monster in two seconds flat. Damn you wicked movie theater PR minions!!!!


dykewife said...

they gave away tickets and then didn't have seats? that sounds like you got had (pardon the poor grammar). if tickets are given away, they're supposed to be for a specific showing and are pre-counted for seat least that's the way they do things here.

that must have been incredibly disappointing for both of you.

An Apron Straitjacket said...

Yeah, it was quite the bummer. They said that they always give out more tickets than they have seats just to ensure that it's a sold out crowd. There was another group there that had driven over an hour to get to the theater. Needless to say, they were not amused. On a good note, they're sending us free tickets to another movie.

dykewife said...

i wonder if you're going to be able to get in this time or if you'll be stuck in this situation all over again.

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