Saturday, November 22, 2008

Olfactory Inspiration

What do you get when you combine a smoker's chest of drawers, two hole filled socks, and the last remaining lavender herb bag from your hippy days?

Lavender Sachets!

One of the fun things about moving is that unpacking is a bit like Christmas. It's amazing the things you never knew you owned until you unpack them from a moving box. I was lucky enough to uncover a stash of holey socks and the aforementioned bag O lavender, with which I was amazed of the power of Zip-lock! I opened the bag and instantly the fragrance carried me away to a loverly meadow filled with butterflies, fairies, white unicorns, chocolate waterfalls, and Jonny Depp dressed in his best grunge undershirt giving me a piano serenade ......
What you can see him too? Told you that stuff was potent!

Anyhoo, my BIL gave us a wonderful chest of drawers that unfortunately had absorbed a bit of Essence du Cigarette no5 (I quit smoking earlier this year so I'm now one of those OBNOXIOUS people who can smell cigarette smoke from 50 yards out). We cut the socks into 4 inch-ish squares (remember they stretch), piled lavender in the middle, pulled up the sides, gave it a twist to form a ball with the herbally goodness, and wrapped gumbands around them so they looked like fresh little ghosties. Just toss them in your dresser drawers and you'll have the best smelling undies on the block!


Flibbertigibbet said...

Following my recent crafty excursion I've remembered my love of crafts, which I don't make nearly enough time for (despite having a room in my house just for crafting!)
I really want lavender bags, I love that scent.
I'm quite fond of Johnny Depp too, but isn't everyone? ;)

My word verification is 'uperbubo' which really needs to be a real word. I'm feeling so uperbubo today!

Flibbertigibbet said...

PS: Meant to say, loving your background/template!
You've made me all festive and I'm a little renowned for being Scrooge-like! lol

Word verification this time is 'ablop' which is equally entertaining!