Monday, December 8, 2008

Channeling Gary Busey

You know those days when your normally sweet, loving, little one decides that everything in life sucks completely and his sole purpose is making you wish you were in a coma? Great, then you know how my day has been.
I'm not real sure when exactly it happend, but sometime between when I put Sam to bed last night and when I got him out of bed this morning, the spirit of Gary Busey had possesed my child. Now, I'm not talking the happy "Buddy Holly" Gary, I'm talking cocaine rehab, angry Gary. After about 1 1/2 hours of Baby Sam throwing himself about the house and screaming in a pitch so high that every dog on the block was plotting revenge on our family, I finally got him to at least sit still on my lap and let me attempt to console him. Thankfully, once Khris pulled out the camera so we could capture a few shots of our little baby Busey to share with you, Sam decided life would be okay and that Mommy isn't the horrible wench he thought I was.

Here take a look for yourself:
He's still cute as a bug. Sam that is, Gary not so much.

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gigi said...

Hi, I'm Gigi, nice to meet ya. Thanks for stopping by the ole blog and leaving your written thoughts, I appreciate it much.

The likeness in these pictures cracked me up. Sorry it was such a scary day. Hope today is much better.

Oh, the black and white square plate with goodies on it, is PLASTIC! Can you believe it? I saw them at the grocery store one day and had to have them, $1.00 a piece. They had poke a dots, checker board and that swirly design. I bought 3 of each. They were great for summer sandwiches and snacks. I love everything black and white! My favorite colors. My mama says that b/w aren't colors but I say they are. Come back and visit again soon.

I'll be back too.