Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Wreath (a franklin)

I know, I know, bad title joke. We just couldn't stop saying it, so I thought I'd share our silliness with you! I like to think of it as my service to society; making people everywhere feel a little better about themselves by showing how odd their family COULD be. You're welcome.

Today we made fabric wreaths. This is a great craft because it's easy, not messy and a great way to re purpose those old clothes with stains and holes. The hardest part for me was finding a wire hanger. I still have "No More Wire Hangers" echoing through my head. Note to parents, don't let your 10yr old kid watch the film! Thanks for the mental scar Mom.

What you need:
Wire hanger or pipe cleaner for wee little ones
Fabric cut into strips about 1 inch wide and 4 inches long

First shape the hanger into a circle. We untwisted ours and wrapped it half around itself to make the circle smaller and left the hook part as is so we had an easy way to hang them.

For the munchkins we shaped the pipe cleaner in a circle and used a piece of ribbon as a hanger.

Once you have your circle, simply tie the fabric strips on until the wreath is full.

Being as Danielle doesn't know how to make a knot yet, I did the looping part and then let her pull the ends to make it tight.

This goes surprisingly fast. Molly had her's done in about 15 min. You can then add a little bit of "flair" to hang in the center (ornament, candy cane, picture of the munchkins,etc).

And look, Sam didn't eat them!!!!!


gigi said...

Them's some really cute kids you have there. I love doing crafts and cooking with kids. It's always an adventure.

The teenagers at church did this same thing at camp this past summer but with their flip flops. They turned out really cute.

gigi said...

Merry Christmas little lady. Hope it's wonderful and filled with the Love of Christ, joy, peace and great memeories.

Suburbia Steph said...

Ha ha....I loved your title for this post. It took me a moment to get it, but then again, I am sleep deprived from going to bed late to play Santa, then to have my children wake me at the crack of dawn.

Definitely don't let your 10 year old watch Mommie Dearest. I use to watch that all the time as a kid. I guess it made me feel better know that someone had a crazier mom than I.

Merry Christmas!