Thursday, December 18, 2008

O Christmas Tree, How Felty Are Thy Branches

I'm a weeeeeee bit behind in my postings so be prepared for a landslide of Christmasy posts. Oh and a couple Hanukkah/Chanukah/ חנוכה treats too (whoot bonus holiday! See, there are advantages to having a Jewish mother). Anyhooo, as we all know we have a couple of mini-munchkins, one of which thinks all things should be put into his mouth. Like so...

Sam eating the end of the marker
Sam eating his shoe
Sam eating Puff Paint (I'll blog that later)
So we always have the challenge of finding crafts that won't kill off the toddler if (more likely WHEN) he tries to eat the project. Fortunately, I ran across a great post at That Artist Woman's blog for Felt Christmas trees. I loved this project because you get to turn scraps and trash into something beautiful and my son can't die from it! It only took about 10 mins to prep everything. Please see her blog for detailed instructions (including a loverly template). We had major camera malfunction so there's no step by step to show here. But, here's the basics of it.
All you need is an empty toilet paper roll, some felt, glue and beads (we also used cupcake sprinkles). You cut the toilet paper roll so the end comes to a point and glue them together. Then cut varying sized circles out of the felt. We used 2 different greens and some white for snow. Next cut an "X" in the center of each felt circle and slide them over the TP roll. Then glue beads on as ornaments. As I stated we also placed a line of glue on the "branches" and sprinkled cupcake sprinkles over it, much easier for little hands. Only thing that's left is to add an Angel!

What, you didn't know that angels had invisible heads? Oh yes, it's a new plan used to ensure that they stay humble. If you can't recognize their faces then you can't keep track of who's been on Oprah more often. Brilliant, don't you think?


Gail said...

Hey Michelle they look terrific!!
I'm glad you and your kids gave it a go. I just finished doing 40 of these trees today with kindergarten. It's amazing how individual each one ends up. Thanks for the link.
Merry Christmas!
gail aka thatartistwoman

gigi said...

Those are totally cute.