Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have conquered the bathroom! All it's funk and gunk and germy germs were no match for my quest to reclaim my bathroom. I have to confess that I have a very peculiar affection for bleach. Yes, I realize that it’s not PC to love bleach and I know that all my Greenies will fire obscenities at me. I just can’t deny it. The aroma of bleach to me smells like clean, fresh, germ free happiness. It’s had its spell on me since I was a wee lass at me mum’s apron strings. I used to LOVE to bleach the kitchen. Once, I even thought I’d get it extra spiffy and follow up with some ammonia. EWWWWW, not a good idea. Fortunately, my mom grabbed me up, tossed me out of the room, explained that I could kill everyone within a 6 mile radius with the vapors and then took us to McDonald’s while we waited for the house to air. All in all, not a bad day. But, I digress, the bathroom is clean, sparkly, germ free and filled with glorious Clorox Clean-Up fumes. I shall now sit upon my bahootus and play some POGO for a bit as my reward for vanquishing the icky-pewy-yucks.

Then again, maybe not. I just realized it's lunch time and those munchkins get a bit cranky if you don't feed them. Strange huh? :)

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