Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Cyber Birthday!

Hello again everyone. It’s true, it’s my birthday and boy has it been a doooooooosie! I woke up to find the hubby has taken himself to the hospital because he was having a hard time breathing and has been admitted so they can keep an eye on his heart. SPIRITAL BOVINE! WHAT THE HOOOOWIKIE????? He assures me that everything is fine and that he’ll be home by lunch. So that’s good news. Later the phone rings and it’s my son’s school asking about his whereabouts. Sheeeeesh! I give him a call (he’s been staying at his dad’s) and he’s sleeping. I chew him up a wall and down the other and tell him to get his bahootus to school. I then proceed to get the mini-munchkins dressed and ready to go. I took them to McDonald’s across the street from the hospital so that they could play until Boo was released. Of course when you want to just sit in silence and let the world spin around you, is the day that "Joe can’t stop talking" decides to tell you all about his adventures with the cool poker games they have online. Fortunately, I get the joyous news that Boo is released and he’s on his way and starving for lunch. This was by far the best birthday gift I could receive. So Boo, thanks for hanging in there and I hope you enjoyed that burger, because it’s time to prepare yourself for lots of heart loving fiberlicious food. TOFU ROCKS!!!

After lunch I put everyone to bed, including Boo, and decided to come see how all of you in the cyber world are doing. Wait a minute, there’s a knock on my cyber door...

Oh wow, a surprise party for me? You shouldn’t have, but I’m glad you did! By the way Tony and Chip, I‘m going to need you to put that cigarette out and put on some shirts. Thanks guys.

You need me to close my eyes? Okay. What are you all up to? Can I open them now? Ohhhh wow! Balloons, Party Hats....

and you got Paul McCartney to sing for me! You guys are the best!

Oh my goodness look at that cake! It's beautiful! Oh no, looks like the decorator forgot one of the l's in Michelle. Maybe we should send it on to Cake Wrecks

Wheeee, gift time!

What's this? A yellow Kitchen-Aid stand mixer!

Goodness an Apple Green Hamilton Beach Retro Blender!

Owooooo a Nokia car charger!

Great Googaly Moogaly a teal Miata!!!!!!

Wow, you guys really out did yourselves! Huh? There's one more thing?

Uhhhhh,maybe we should go back to the Miata. Seriously, you guys are great. Thanks for an amazing party! It was almost as if you guys read my mind as to what I wanted. (hee hee)


Dansclan said...

What a wondermous Birthday party! Happy Birthday sweetheart, I love you!

Oh, can I drive the Miata some time? No?? Ouch!

NewWriter said...

What a great cyber birthday!!

I'm going to ask for a cobalt blue kitchen aid mixer and one of those hamilton beach retro blenders for my next cyber birthday!!

Tracy said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the birthday wishes. Happy Birthday to YOU, too! Enjoyed your cyber birthday. :)

JJ said...

Man, I've still got a bit of a hangover. I hope you enjoyed your party. It was a blast!

Happy Birthday a day late, you silly sil.

letters to elijah said...

You are really funny! the last video was kind of lame.. but you are forgiven :) I love the cake wrecks website.. it's such a hoot!

Flibbertigibbet said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
I really wanted to thank you for mentioning me/nominating me. It totally made my day in a really rough couple of weeks. :)
I'm going to enjoy being one of your regular readers!