Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Xanax: Shaken, Not Stirred

Blahhhh, it's uber late/early. I hurt. Can't sleep. Whaaaaaa. I'd poke Boo with a stick and make him hold me, but he's actually asleep which is a rarity at night these days. Oh look, it's Libby kitty. She loves me and will make it all better. Everyone should have a fuzzy wittle friend.

BTW, only one more day until my birthday. Should be an interesting one this year, because I haven't done my month long count down. I learned long ago that if you just take care of your birthday yourself, you'll never be let down. So about a month before, I tell everyone I see how many days until my birthday. On my birthday I get myself a B-day hat/pin/balloon/sticky note to wear so that everyone who sees me will know it's my birthday. I also greet everyone with "Hi! It's my birthday", I make/buy my own birthday cake and buy myself a gift. Yeah, I turn into a 4 year old on my birthday. I do so love them.

Back in the day when I was a work outside the house kinda gal I loved working on my birthday. I always told my clients to stop by for some cake while they were out and about and help me celebrate. It was like being able to have an all day party. Also, working as a hairstylist, you always got HUGE tips on your birthday (cake has that effect on people).

Not sure what's up this year. Guess it's just not feeling very well lately and the post op hubby and searching for a house and the whole having to move thing, and wondering if I'll go to jail for smacking my 18yr old son upside his head for being a....ummm...."unintelligent donkey". Oy!

Well, thanks for the shoulder. We should do this again sometime (only at a time when normal people are awake, hee hee).


Anonymous said...

Oh dear..we ARE related!! I thought I was the ONLY one who celebrated their own birthday like that!!
by the way, I am awake at 4:37 PST, though...no comment on the normal part...
So tomorrow is your birthday...I'll start planning the party now ;)
See ya at the bash!

Anonymous said...

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