Friday, September 5, 2008

Can I borrow some brain cells?

I'm very tired and just getting ready to shut it down and skedattle to bed and I suddenly remember a strange occurance from last night. I was having really crazy dreams last night, of which I don't remember too many details right now. I do however, remember a little of one of them and it was a happy dream at first. Then some seriously intense, older, square shaped, lady showed up wearing one of those bad blonde wigs you see advertised in the Sunday coupon section of the paper. You know, like this one.... Yeah, now you see how things started to go bad. So anyhoo, bad wig lady was freaking out and I was trying to show her out the door. She just kept saying, "You have to get the boy," over and over again. My dream is getting really intense and I have little Mrs. Sponge Bob Square Wig by the sholders and am pushing her out the door. Suddenly she turns around, grabs my arm, and won't let go. Being the instant psycho that I am when someone physically threatens me, I bit her as hard as I could on her thumb. I then shoot right out of REM, sit straight up in bed and look down at the loverly teeth marks I've left in my own finger.

Yep, I'm a smart one. Thinking about wearing gloves to bed from now on. :)

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